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TEST CONDUCTED IN CLIMATIC CHAMBER WITHOUT SOLAR RADIATION. The Thermodynamic Solar Technology has managed to achieve one more goal with the recent performance certification of its Thermodynamic Solar Block in the area of production of Domestic Hot Waters (DHW). Such result of performance was obtained through a test conducted by the independent entity ITeCons. The test carried out in accordance with Standard EN 16147:2011 has allowed to obtain an excellent coefficient of performance (COP) de 3,0*. The tests are made without the presence of solar radiation. Can Thermodynamic Solar technology be used in place of Thermal Solar Technology? Yes. The regulations in force in accordance with article 29, paragraph 3 of Decree-Law No 118/2013 of the Portuguese State Gazette, the replacement of the Thermal Solar System by a Thermodynamic Solar System can be considered, provided that the renewable energy produced by it equals or exceeds that of the Thermal Solar System an in case its use is intended to meet the needs of Domestic Hot Waters (DHW) related to a building covered by the Regulations on Energy Performance of Residential Buildings. In case of buildings covered by the Regulations on Energy Performance of Trade and Services Buildings, as an alternative to the use of Thermal Solar Systems, the Thermodynamic Solar Systems can also be considered for the use of renewable energy ensuring, on an annual basis, a primary source of energy equivalent to the Thermal Solar System, even if it is for purposes other than Water Heating, in accordance with the provisions of Ministerial Order No 349-D/2013 of the Portuguese State Gazette. The accounting of energy in these systems (base and alternative) must be determined according to Order No 15793-H/2013, of 3rd December, of the Portuguese State Gazette. The Thermodynamic Solar System “ECO XL” is a solution directed to the production of Hot Water of Large Volumes, i.e., for facilities with great Hot Water consumption, such as: Boutique Hotels, Guest Houses, Hostels, Restaurants, Gymnasia, etc..